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Welcome to Buy Unique Hits!

The most important to make sales is Targeted Traffic!
Buy visitors for ONLY $1.58/CPM! Unique Targeted Web Traffic

Targeted visitors is THE most important factor to ensure the success of any website, moneymaking site or not. Our unique Traffic is based on target oriented web users and is all that matters in any business, if you want to make money that is. We have delivered millions and millions of visitors to thousands of happy site owners!
Our Webtraffic is among the best you will find online!
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Unique Hits?

It's Advertising

We provide targeted advertising campaigns. If you get the right visitor you maximize the chance to make sales.
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24 Hour Unique

Every single targeted visitor sent to your campaign URL within 24 hours will be unique site hits.
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How Many Visitors In 24 Hours?  
You can have unlimited of unique visitors during a 24 hour period. The only limit is that it's max 1/8th of the total campaign.
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When Do The Campaign Start?  
Your campaign will generally start within 24-36 hours, but usually much faster. Weekends and Holidays not counted.
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What Does It Cost?  
Pricing starts at $1.58 for 1,000 unique visitors.

10% off on orders above 25,000
15% off on orders above 50,000
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Focusing on the Right Targeted Traffic

Without the right visitors your site will not make any sales.

You have the website, we have the targeted advertising campaign to send visitors to your website from the US, UK, Australia, Canada, North America, Europe or the whole world, and targeted into one of 22 categories such as Health, Gambling, Finance, Business, Entertainment and many more. Not only will you get more visitors, you will also gain a higher Alexa rank which leads to a better position in Google. And that will give you organic hits.

Targeted Traffic Sale

Buy Targeted Traffic

More Visitors More Sales
Buy our traffic packages now and let us deliver the web site hits you need to improve website traffic. More visitors gives you more potential sales. You will receive a steady stream of website traffic to your site. This cheap advertising and effective webtraffic packages can not be found anywhere else.
Why is Our Visitors So Good?
We don’t use mini-pop-up windows like some companies do, we show your site in a full size window to maximize your return on your investment. This helps target your website to visitors looking for information such as what you are offering. Our traffic is also 24H unique, meaning you will not get the same visitor, many traffic services deiver fake hits, we don't, we deliver real visitors who acutally see your offer.
There is no limit in how many visitors you can order!

We guarantee you that people will actually visit your site in full page view, No wierd tricks, No scams, No "paid to click" visitors or traffic exchange visitors! It wouldn't be high quality visitors if we sent you that, would it?
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Targeted Traffic
We will give you targeted traffic, get your website seen out there, make youself a celebrity. Your website will be shown to thousands of visitors for as low as $1.58 per 1000 hits! Read the terms first. Buy targeted traffic for a low cost.
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